ValvKeep is your solution to a reliable Total Valve Management Program fulfilling all the predictive maintenance needs. It is an integrated software support package designed to manage installed valve population and provide predictive outage planning.

It provides:

Quality Information — Over the last 12 years, OSA Valve has amassed more than 40,000 entries into our ValvKeep database covering our customers in Singapore. It allows us to view critical information like historical background of work performed on every valves, parts replacement and recommendation, the critical test data and the performance and reliability of the valves we have serviced. It is a quick reference point for customers to retrieve any valve information.

Analysis and Schedules — With its availability now through a secured Internet Portal via a Password, all our contract customers can view and analyze these data on a format that they can customize base on their own criterion. The Valve Grid can therefore be used for internal presentations, extracting information, forecasting, preparing look ahead schedules and even monitoring spare part requirements for shutdowns base on a classification of criticality for past and future outages.

Increased Productivity - ValvKeep’s ability to analyze, plan, predict and monitor every valve’s performance increased efficiency and productivity.

Convenience — There is no additional memory banks required to store information as customers can now use our portal on a 24/7 basis to get whatever valve data they need even during emergencies and troubleshooting. What more? You can’t just view it but you can even print hard copies of report to support your inspection and audit requirements.


In February 2009, OSA Valve Services Pte Ltd. took one step beyond SAC-SINGLAS and ISO Certifications by achieving certification as a Safety Valve Manufacturer under the ASME UV stamp Requirements and Qualifications. The Certification Process conducted by the U.S. National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors was carried out both in Singapore at our Assembly Facility and at the National Board’s laboratories in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A. for final testing of our assembled products.

OSA Valve is now the only facility in Asia Pacific outside Japan, China and Korea that possesses this Assembler Status recognized by ASME. The scope covers the assembly and testing of all Spring Loaded Conventional Section VIII Safety Relief Valves under the Dresser Consolidated Brand. In addition, OSA Valve Services Pte Ltd. is also certified by the National Board/ASME as a qualified VR Stamp Authority for the Repair of Safety and Safety Relief Valves. As such, our Repair Facility is a Recognized Repair Center for all Safety Valves regardless of brands and makes.

Inventory Management

Being an assembler of Safety Valves means faster deliveries of Completely Tested and Certified Valves, OSA Valve Services Pte Ltd. has a large supply of Valve Components from which the valves will be assembled. With the South East Asian region in mind, we keep stocks of components to fill the range of Valve Orifices from D to T.

With MARC Certification, we have taken over the servicing of all Masoneilan Valves and Level Instruments in Singapore, working closely with Dresser. This one-team approach will allow us to stock Control Valve Inventory that is critical and timely for replacement during repair, overhaul and upgrade.

OSA Valve also provides Total Valve Management Program including Inventory Management where customer’s valves are being stored at our facility to execute quick turnaround based on exchange of valves from the spare pools. Such program works on a regular servicing interval both on routine as well as during shutdowns. The purpose of such program is to maximize valve usage through a change out of internal parts to meet new requirements. It would include spare part management, wherever interchangeability and commonality program can be incorporated based on specific valve make.

OSA Valve Services (Thailand) CO. Ltd. closely works with OSA Valve Services Pte Ltd., and you can avail the convenience of this value addition at “Agent Login” feature of our parent website.

Specialized Services

For Control Valves, the availability of Diagnostics and Monitoring has become essential. As applications become more sophisticated and challenging, the need for information feedback to monitor efficiency becomes paramount. OSA Valve fills the gap and more. With the combination of information gathering HART and Fieldbus Positioners and the Online Valve Diagnostics (OVD) equipment, coupled with ValvKeep, OSA Valve Pte Ltd. provides the full package.