Safety Relief Valves

      Protection of personnel and equipment is the paramount concern in selection of Safety Relief Valves for plant operating systems. Only the most reliable Safety Relief Valves should be considered for such a crucial role. The CONSOLIDATED valve line has consistently been recognized as a leader in the pressure relief valve field since its introduction over one hundred years ago. Leadership in design, manufacture and product service and support is founded on a reputation for unrelenting dedication to product innovation and improvement.

      A continuing program to keep abreast of constantly changing requirements of the valve market and a concentrated Research and Development effort assure strong support for customer needs. The resulting high quality of design and workmanship of CONSOLIDATED Valves gives assurance of maximum protection and longer trouble-free life for the user. 

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Safety Valves

  • New Valve Testing and Pop Testing
  • Overhaul and Testing of Conventional, Bellow and Pilot Operated Valves
  • Repair of Pressure Vacuum (PV) Valves
  • Turnaround Specialist for Repair of Pressure Safety Valves (PSV)
  • In-situ Repair and Testing of Boiler Safety Valves using Hydraulic Lift Equipment
    (Electronic Valve Testing – EVT)
  • On-site Live Float Testing of Boiler Valves
  • Assembly and Supply of Safety and Safety Relief Valves (with ASME UV Certification)
  • Quick delivery of process required customized Valves based on requirements
  • Total Valve Management Programs – Stock and Valve Data Management (Interactive
    Real Time Valve Information Systems)

Control Valves

  • Overhaul and Testing of Control Valves and Actuators
  • Overhaul and Testing of Level Instruments
  • Supply of Valve Diagnostic Instruments
  • Diagnostics Monitoring of Valve Performance
  • Stockist of Dresser Masoneilan Control Valves
  • Provision of Workshop and On-site Repair Services for Turnarounds

Manual Valves

  • Repair and Testing of On/Off Valves – Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly
  • In-situ On-line Valve Repair Services
  • Repair and Testing of Welded Valves
  • In-situ Repacking of Stuffing Box Packing using High Pressure Jetting

Electronic Valve Testing

For Safety Valves, we offer online Electronic Valve Testing (EVT) services. EVT is an auxiliary lifting
device to determine the set pressure of a spring loaded relief valve without putting the valve into a
lift condition. This allows the testing of valves on line without the need of removing them and the
elimination of the need to overpressure systems to do live in line tests. Such tests will detect any
defective operating valves in service anytime without waiting for shutdown to determine results.

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